toy it again

New technologies, innovation, creativity all work together for the construction of a recycled
plastic table or chair? Is that possible? Yes it is because Blue Cycle and the Playroom
have just joined forces!

Their vision: a viable, sustainable world. Like two friends with lots of imagination, they conspired to play a new delightful game, to build interactive furniture
for children made of recycled plastic. The materials that go into this effort are polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylon.

Do you wonder how we do it? Our basic ingredients are plastic toys and plastic ocean trash. That’s the raw material that goes into those unique creations.

Have you ever seen discarded toys lying around a garbage bin and thought that
no matter their size they are each a small treasure?

There’s a story behind every toy plus it’s made of earth’s valuable raw materials. Especially plastic toys use up huge amounts of energy
resulting in a high environmental cost which shoots up when they end up as debris or ocean trash.


February 18, 2022



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