Stella is a multitasking illustrator, designer, creative director burst on to the creative scene back in 2006. Since then Stella has spent her time applying her artistic touch to cultural events, festivals, identities, fashion and magazine covers for big-time publications, theatre productions, music productions.

Stella has a strong social conscience and she doesn’t hide it. She is able to dive deep into the very heart of the customers mindset and give innovative solutions. She is well aware of the power of words and images and she uses them with humility and dignity.

She consults with various cultural non-government organisations with innovative sensibilities, as well as social responsibility campaigns.

In 2017 was honoured to be a member of the Jury’s Digital applications judging committee. EBGE AWARDS, www.evge

She holds a master’s degree from the faculty of Philosophy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and a master’s degree in Visual Communication and Interactive media from Vakalo Art & Design College.

Her work has been awarded in Greece and abroad.