58th Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2017

One of the three  proposals I created for the presentation of the poster for the 58th Thessaloniki

International Film Festival that I honestly enjoyed it even though they were not selected.

The colourful one>Colourful circles of life

The idea was based on the 58 years of the festival and its life cycle to date in a minimalist way.

58 life cycles with different colours.
The city of Thessaloniki, new talents, discovery, participation, feeling, celebration, challenge, diversity, inspiration, friendliness.

The Thessaloniki Film Festival is the country’s largest cinematographic institution. It is a festival both international and Greek, which has foreign programs and at the same time presents the recent Greek production. In the activity that develops ten days of his main event include the screening of films from the various sections, the screening of recent Greek productions, film tributes, honorary ceremonies to the invited filmmakers, the organisation of the Agora, masterclasses and open discussions.For more information about the Organisation and for a fuller picture of the Festival, you can visit the website www.filmfestival.gr.






September 8, 2017


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