Makitra NGO about volunteering

Brand identity for makitra NGO about volunteering.
What is a a makitra?
A makitra is a big clay bowl with a rough surface. With the help of a special 
(usually wooden, rarely porcelain) “ball”, makitra can be used for creaming cake batter, eggs with sugarbuttercreamquark for cheese cake, and poppy seeds for kutia
It is perhaps most used in Eastern European kitchens, for example in Poland and Ukraine.
A similar tool, called suribashi, is used in Japanese cuisine.
Makitra is a free knowledge base, through which every person can get inspired about volunteering, and organizations develop professionally.
makitra vision:
is organizations and groups who fight for a better future become more influential and effective, because of the quality volunteers’ engagement to their work.
makitra goals:
is to research, uncover and make accessible the practical knowledge about quality volunteers’ engagement in organizations and groups who make this world a better place.
Volunteering is a development of the volunteer, the organization and the society.
Volunteering is equality and diversity.
Volunteering is common values, team work and new friends.
Volunteering is the most exciting unpaid work, which make this world a better place.



July 21, 2018

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