Orcheistra project- Mr. Phallus ding-A-ling

The term orcheistra derives from the Greek ὀρχήστρα (orchestra),

the name for the area in front of a stage in ancient Greek theater reserved for the Greek chorus; and from Greek 

όρχεις (the testicle or testis). The male ding-A-lings!

Check it here: https://orcheistra.tumblr.com/

The story:

3 years ago in a conference room during an advertising campaign while doodling; the die was cast and there was light.

Phallus our lead winks at us to join him in his frisky life. Mr. Phallus ding-a-ling plays various musical instruments and does what the modern man doesn’t have time to do, his hobbies.
Please enjoy Mr. Phallus Ding-a-Ling experimental, creative instrumental ensemble.

Shopping tips:

Just play loud https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0x3wRF39O8  &

shop ding a lings @paom.com/stores/stelladesignstudio


There’s more to come :)


September 11, 2017


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