Agoni Grammi Gonimi 2014-2015


The project Agoni Grammi Gonimi is going through its ninth consecutive year with BLUE STAR FERRIES as gold sponsor. The Project is making plans for cultural events in Amorgos, Antiparos, Iraklia, Kimolos, Koufonisia, Lipsoi, Patmos,Schinousa and Halki.

With creativity at the core of our educational events, visits start in February and they continue every month with interactive and art workshops for the students.

Creating new bridges between science and art, students will take part in a robotics workshop with the collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens. They will also take part in an interactive art workshop with Katerina Antonopoulou. They will be given the opportunity to attend piano lessons, violin lessons and quitar lessons in collaboration with the Filippos Nakas Conservatory, kung-fu lessons from the Athletic Society “Eagle”, ceramics lessons with Natasa Kalogeropoulou, and they will also attend lessons on how to create an online diary and on vocational guidance with Stella Kasdagli. The students will take part in a mosaic workshop with Eirini Sirianou, in a visual arts workshop with Pavlos Nikolakopoulos, in a  jewellery workshop with Eleana Karoumpa, in a digital art workshop in collaboration with Paramana Puppet Theater, in a puppet theatre workshop with Eva Nikiforou and in a film workshop with Olivia Tfardofska and Revekka Tsiligaridou.

From the beginning of May until mid June, our students present the results of the workshops they attended and the Festival takes place.

During the Festival, the work of the artists and their work climaxes with cultural events in May and in  June. Everyone has the opportunity to attend concerts of the Athens State Orchestra, opera nights from the Opera Studio of the Greek National Opera and a concert from the PlectumLab quartet. Τhere will also be an arts game from Logou Paignion as well as a lost treasure hunt in collaboration with the Playroom team.


September 13, 2015


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